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At the 2022 Rochester Jazz Fest!

Latriste Fulton

It is a musical journey to hear the mellifluous alto vocals of
Latriste Fulton (pronounced: La – Treest). Her vocal styling is
expressed with passionate energy and rich tonality that flows
smoothly from a soulful rendition of an Aretha Franklin
standard such as “RESPECT,” as she effortlessly transitions to a
heartfelt ballad invoking Etta James with “At Last”—and if you
are a Karen Carpenter fan make a request for “Super Star.” To
get the crowd moving Latriste performs a range of up tempo
selections that will lift your spirits covering pop, rock, blues or
funky groves like Prince.

With 46-years of singing for the love of singing in Rochester,
New York, Latriste is a precious jewel that dazzles with her trio
band Frequency. She also contributes instrumentally on
percussions and drums. Requested performances for LATRISTE
& Frequency include weddings, galas, festivals, special events
and invitations to local and international competitions. Latriste
has not only won trophies and monetary prizes but also the
hearts of fans that depart LATRISTE & Frequency performances
with the soundtrack of her memorable vocal renditions with
great musician backing still playing in their hearts and minds.


Thu, Jun 23 – 1:30 PM
Central Library of Rochester and Monroe County